Man Turns Fire Extinguisher Into Weapon Outside South Florida Nightclub

Miami, FL - A South Florida man accused of using a fire extinguisher as a weapon outside a Miami nightclub appeared in court on Wednesday.

Authorities say 59-year-old Edward Forchion is accused of being the attacker, but his attorneys maintain Forchion acted in self-defense against a trespasser.

According to Forchion's attorney Jason Chantrelle, the alleged assault occurred at the Joint of Miami, a club owned by Forchion's son.

Chantrelle claims that the victim, who was injured by the fire extinguisher, was trespassing after being fired for vandalism.

The police report indicates that the victim attempted to flee to his car after being sprayed with the fire extinguisher but was struck twice in the head by Forchion.

Police detained Forchion for questioning and arrested him, but his attorneys insist that he was unjustly apprehended based solely on the victim's account.

Forchion was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on charges related to the alleged attack, which left the victim with a deep cut on his scalp and significant bleeding.

Following his release from Jackson Memorial Hospital, the victim reported his run-in with Forchion to police.

Forchion faces charges of attempted murder, battery, and burglary with assault or battery while armed.

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