Woman Accused of Stealing $10K from Fellow Senior Living Facility Resident

Lake County, FL - An 86-year-old woman has been charged with stealing over $10,000 from a 99-year-old man who lived at the same senior living facility.

Detectives with the Eustis police department began an investigation in June after the 99-year-old man's son reported concerns regarding his father's bank statements.

The elderly man had recently passed away and his son detected unusual financial activity in his bank accounts.

While researching bank statements, the son discovered a cashier's check for $10,000 made out to 86-year-old Cynthia Milligan, a former resident of Holiday Lake Ridge Village, the same Eustis senior living community as his father.

The victim's son did not recognize Milligan, and his father, a 99-year-old with multiple impairments, would not have been capable of providing such a large sum of money.

The victim's son contacted staff at the facility, who revealed that Milligan had been an "ambassador" appointed by staff to assist residents with various tasks, including collecting mail, transportation, and event coordination.

When interviewed by investigators, Milligan initially claimed the money was a loan and professed ignorance of the victim's family.

However, investigators found inconsistencies in her statements and financial records indicating she had deposited the $10,000 check into her account and later wire-transferred it to another individual.

Milligan provided authorities with varying accounts of her relationship with the victim and the purpose of the transaction.

The 86-year-old admitted to accompanying the victim to the bank and having him lie about the check's purpose to complete the transaction.

Staff at Holiday Lake Ridge Village reported that the victim and Milligan were not close, and the victim was known for being financially cautious.

Based on Milligan's inconsistent statements and lack of cooperation, she was arrested on charges of exploitation of an elderly person and grand theft from a person aged 65 or older.

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