How To Avoid Scammers If You Need Repairs This Hurricane Season

Scam alert conceptual traffic sign and stormy sky

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With Hurricane Season underway, scammers are likely preparing to swoop in if any storms cause damage in our area.

Marvin Badler is a Palm Beach County project manager with Seniors vs. Crime, a project of the Florida Attorney General's Office.

He tells us what to do if someone shows up at your home, offering to do repair work.

"Be very cautious in who you're dealing with. There are ways to check out to see if they have a license. And you can go to the Better Business Bureau. It will tell you if these people have had complaints against them."

To check on a business' license, you can visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and be sure you see proof that the person you're dealing with actually works for that company.

Another thing to watch for...

"What we're finding is that these contractors are requiring large deposits. To me, that's a red flag. If you're doing a $10,000 job or renovation and they're asking you for half down, to me that's a little red flag."

Marvin says a fair amount to put down on a project would range from 10 percent to a third of the full cost of repairs.

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