Trump Supporters Flock To Mar-a-Lago Upon News Of Trump Indictment

Trump Supporters Gather Near Mar-a-Lago After Reports Of Trump's Indictment

Photo: CBS 12

Trump supporters started lining Southern Boulevard, across the bridge from Mar-a-Lago, soon after news came out that former President Trump had been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

CBS 12 News found Mary Kelly and Kathy Clark among those in attendance.

"It was total shock and I just dropped everything I was doing. No one sent me a text (to) show up. I said I have to go support my president."

"This is gonna put him in the office right now. So let them arrest him. He's going to win."

Trump says he's the victim of a witch hunt, accusing Manhattan's District Attorney Alvin Bragg of doing President Joe Biden's "dirty work" while ignoring murders, burglaries and assaults.

That sentiment was echoed by another Trump supporter who showed up near his home.

"What's the deal here? Nobody would be indicted. Murderers are going free. And you indicted a President of the United States. They're going to ruin the country."

While no anti-Trump protesters have gathered, some drove by last night shouting "Lock him up!"

According to reports, Trump will likely be arraigned next Tuesday.

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