Palm Springs Police Chief On Importance Of Resource Officers At Schools

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A local law enforcement leader reacts to Monday's deadly school shooting in Nashville.

There were no resource officers at the Covenant elementary school when a transgender shooter murdered three young children and three staff members.

Palm Springs Police Chief Tom Ceccarelli says having an armed officer on campus could've made all the difference.

"So you having somebody already there that can respond as it happens is always going to be a lot more expeditious than waiting for a team to arrive."

That's already law in Florida's public schools...every elementary, middle, high and charter school in the state have at least one officer on campus throughout the school day.

There are two elementary schools in Palm Springs, as well as private schools like the one in Nashville.

"They do have security and we work a lot with the private schools to make sure that their security is being met or that they have security awareness."

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