Treasure Coast School Board Members 'Surprised' To Be On 'Targeted' List

Indian River County School Board

Photo: CBS 12

Some school board members on Florida's Treasure Coast say they are surprised to find themselves on a list compiled by Governor DeSantis. He wants them replaced in next year's elections.

Jennifer Pippin is with the Indian River County chapter of Moms for Liberty.

"The reason why two of our school board members landed on this list was because they went against the governor's executive orders for mask mandates."

The School Board Chair, Dr. Peggy Jones is one of those two.

"Our parents' support is key but just because you disagree on an item doesn't mean you're not protecting their rights."

Fellow Board member Brian Barefoot tells CBS 12 News that he is "surprised and disappointed" and that he is probably the "opposite of woke."

The list features a total of 14 school board members from across the state, though none from Palm Beach County. But a cofounder of Moms for Liberty tells us that DeSantis will be adding more names and they'll be helping to identify and recruit candidates to challenge those board members in 2024.

As for the two IRC School Board members, Pippin says it doesn't stop with their votes in favor of mask mandates.

"Brian Barefoot and Peggy Jones both put, a year ago today, about a hundred books that were sexually explicit, pornographic, graphic rape, incest, pedophilia, Critical Race Theory."

Jones says some of those books were removed and some were not as part of a process. Barefoot said he believes that he is the "opposite of woke."

St. Lucie County School Board Member Jack Kelly is also on the list. He says someone must have gotten their research wrong because he has never voted against parental rights. He also says he isn't running next year.

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