Florida man asks to call his mom following DUI traffic stop

Lee County, FL - A Southwest Florida man who was pulled over on suspicion of DUI got into a confrontation with officers after they denied his request to call his mom.

On January 21st, Lee County Deputy Sean Stahl initiated a traffic stop of a pickup truck with a broken tail light around 2:45 a.m.

As Deputy Stahl approached the vehicle, he noticed the driver was swerving erratically and abruptly slamming on his brakes before making a U-turn.

When the truck finally came to a stop, Deputy Stahl detected a strong smell of alcohol coming from the driver, identified as 20-year-old Joseph Cirner.

Cirner was visibly agitated and slurring his words, and when Deputy Stahl attempted to question him, he became increasingly confrontational, telling the deputy that he wanted " to call my boss. And my mom.”

Cirner refused to comply with field sobriety tests and attempted to physically pull away from authorities as they tried to detain him.

Upon inspection of his vehicle, deputies found an open twisted tea, three empty Michelob Ultra’s, a small amount of marijuana and an unmarked bottle containing Adderall pills.

It was also discovered that Cirner had a suspended license from a previous DUI case.

Cirner was arrested and charged with DUI, marijuana possession, resisting an officer, and three counts of intimidation.

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