Palm Beach Pays Highest Price For Gas In The State But No Plans To Cut Tax

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While the state average for a gallon of gas sits at $4.50 a gallon, Palm Beach County has the highest gas in Florida.

AAA says drivers are paying on average $4.65 a gallon. That's because the county has the highest local gas tax allowed by state law.

But County Mayor Robert Weinroth tells CBS 12 News that a suspension of that tax is not on the table.

"I hate paying taxes, you hate paying taxes but at the end of the day we demand services in Palm Beach County and the services we demand cost money and we need that money from the taxes."

He says dropping the 12 cent tax could cut funding for public transportation like Palm Tran buses and road maintenance.

Weinroth was then asked if his mind might change should we start paying $5.00 for regular.

"Look I think that the state is going to have a holiday in October. I think that's going to make a significant impact, that's about 25 cents (per gallon). I think that's going to help."

County Commissioner Mack Bernard says he'd be in favor of looking into a suspension of the tax.

"Many of our residents in the county are struggling to pay for gas and if there's an opportunity for us to waive the gas tax that's something that I would definitely support."

Weinroth is up for reelection this year, but has no challengers in District 4. The story is the same for District 2 Commissioner Gregg Weiss.

In District 6, Commissioner Melissa McKinlay is termed out this year and there are currently four candidates running for that seat, including three Democrats and one Republican.

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