COVID Cases On Steep Decline, But Community Transmission Still High

Covid and declining graph over red background

Photo: Getty Images

A Palm Beach County COVID update yesterday started on the right note.

"I really do have good news. Our numbers are going down."

Health Director Dr. Alina Alonso with the Florida Department of Health says the county hit its peak of cases at the end of December, with around 29,000 new cases per week. That number is now down to over 3,100 cases in the most recent week available.

Still, Alonso says community transmission remains very high, with a new case positivity rate of 24.8 percent.

She also said that COVID at this point is endemic.

"We have to, you know not be afraid of this thing. But we have to take precautions and just learn how to live in a pandemic instead of being alarmed all the time. We gotta let the fear come down."

The health director says monoclonal antibody sites that were closed will reopen once officials find alternative sources of treatments.

"We have to look and see what we have here. They're not going to be giving the therapy that's not approved. They will make their changes accordingly so that people can get treated with the right monoclonal therapy."

Meanwhile Governor DeSantis says he'll fight the Biden Administration to get a reversal on the FDA's decision to yank its emergency use authorization for treatments from Regeneron and Eli Lilly.

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