Groundbreaking On Boca Raton Brightline Station Comes Tuesday

Private High-Speed Rail Service Brightline Announces Its Service To Start Next Week

Photo: Getty Images North America

Groundbreaking gets underway Tuesday on a new Brightline train station in southern Palm Beach County.

"They're targeting the end of 2022 to have a station up and running in Boca Raton, so that will be very exciting."

Boca Mayor Scott Singer says he reached out to Brightline three years ago and was able to secure funding from the Federal Railroad Administration through an Act of Congress to help get the station and garage built.

"It's a game changer for Boca Raton to be able to connect residents with a multi-city network from Miami to Orlando, to have a station there and to attract residents,visitors and businesses up to Boca Raton."

The high-speed rail line is expected to take passengers to Orlando in early 2023.

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