Police: St. Mary's Hospital Worker Hid Camera In Bathrooms At Other Jobs

Police say a man charged with hiding a camera in a bathroom at St. Mary's Medical Center didn't stop there.

41-year old Rudelmiro Santizo-Perez was working at that hospital and two other facilities in Delray Beach and Boca Raton, where investigators found more pictures of victims taken without their knowledge in restrooms.

He's in custody in Houston, after trying to feel the country.

"I placed a flag on him through HSI (Homeland Security Investigations), since the place of residency was Guatemala, he had a green card here, so I was afraid that he would flee."

West Palm Beach Police Detective Molly Anderson says he was arrested by Homeland Security officers Monday night, before he could board a plane.

She says the investigation continues.

"His phone had a search warrant for it and over a million images are coming back from his phone and the bathrooms are confirmed in his phone."

According to Anderson, Santizo-Perez worked in the CT Scan unit at St. Mary's and PET Scan units at medical facilities in Delray Beach and Boca Raton, where more people were victimized.

"It was just one camera and he would take it from his shift and place it during his shifts."

At least eight victims have been identified at St. Mary's and more charges are expected soon.

Photo: CBS 12

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