USF Forensic Anthropologist Testing Bones, That Could Be Amelia Earhart

A forensic anthropologist at USF is testing certain remains that are believed to be Amelia Earhart.

The aviation pioneer went missing back in 1937 while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean during her attempt to fly across the world.

Erin Kimmerle has been selected to test the bone fragments, that were found on Nikumaroro Island about three years after her last radio signal was transmitted.

Kimmerle has used the fragments to reconstruct a skull, and assessed the remains to determine height, age and ancestry.

They've been sent for DNA testing to determine if they're a match to any of Earhart's relatives.

The results will be announced in a special on the National Geographic channel, "Expedition Amelia," which premieres Sunday night at 8 p.m.,

Hear an interview with Dr. Kimmerle here:

Photo by: Getty Images

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