Lawsuit Claims Weston FC Player Sexually Assaulted By Teammates

What was supposed to be an exciting international soccer tournament in Colombia turns into a nightmare for a 14-year-old boy who claims he was hazed and sodomized by 6 older members of the Weston Football Club.

The members of Weston FC were in Colombia to play in a soccer tournament back in January when the boy says he was hazed and forced onto a hotel bed before being sexually assaulted by 6 older teammates using a sharpie marker.

Attorney Andrew Yaffa says the club is to blame and that the Football Club did not send enough supervisors on the international trip to manage the kids.

The Weston Football Club now defending itself are saying there has been no past hazing or sexual misconduct problems, but it's suspending the players who were reportedly involved.

Yaffa says he's suffering from physical injuries and post traumatic stress.

Photo by: Getty Images