Border Patrol To Fly In Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants To South Florida

US-Mexico Border Fence Impacts Borderlands Environment

US-Mexico Border Fence Impacts Borderlands Environment

Things could get out of hand.

That's the concern of Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw upon the news that the Border Patrol plans to fly a thousand illegal immigrants to South Florida. Five hundred will be brought to Palm Beach and the other five hundred to Broward.

Bradshaw tells us the plan appears to be to process them and release them pending a future hearing.

"The chances of these people coming back...I mean, the history of them is once you give them notice to appear, they're gone."

He says this would be a monthly thing with no end date in sight.

"If you're talking 12,000 a year split between Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it could go on for however many years this Border Patrol situation is going on down there in El Paso."

Bradshaw has briefed both of Florida's U.S. Senators and Governor DeSantis.

Sen. Marco Rubio has tweeted about it.

The first migrants are expected to arrive next week, but the Sheriff is working to stop it.

"I feel bad for these people. I'm sure that they're fleeing places that is oppresive to them and not safe, but on the same turn of the coin my job is to protect the people of Palm Beach County."

Bradshaw is concerned that local resources won't be able to handle the influx and he has concerns about the possible health effects.

"We're already dealing with a hepatitis A and some measle outbreaks here, so I don't know what the health condition of the people that are coming here."

He says officials from the Border Patrol have met with county leaders and he's hoping to get an injunction to stop the agency's plans.

Bradshaw is unsure whether the plans have come directly from President Trump.

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