President Biden’s Approval Rating In Florida

President Biden And VP Harris Speak On Voters' Rights Legislation At The Atlanta University Center Consortium

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Fresh off of his divisive visit to Atlanta, Joe Biden’s day began with news of inflation having hit another 40-year high at 7%. This led me to take a deeper dive into the scope of Joe Biden’s problems and the implications for the midterm elections. For this cycle, the polling I’ve found to be the most transparent and comprehensive is from online polling firm Civiqs. Their state-by-state and demographic breakouts are the best ongoing measures of what’s happening in Florida and across the country right now.

While low poll numbers nationally are one thing, what really matters is what’s happening in individual states. The news for Biden. It’s arguably worse than his overall national approval rating from Quinnipiac sounds. For context, Civiqs currently pegs Biden with a slightly more generous 36% approval rating nationally. As we look at individual states, we’ll start with Florida where Biden’s approval rating is just above the national approval rating at 37%. His net approval rating currently sits at 17% in our state.

Looking beyond our state, the biggest story is where he does still have net positive approval. The answer is next to nowhere. The only states Biden maintains a net positive approval rating are Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont. That’s right, that’s it. Not California where his approval rating is 44%. Not New York where his approval rating is just 43%. That’s how devastating his presidency has been in under a year.

As I recently outlined, any election won by a Democrat by 9 or fewer points two years ago would likely flip to a Republican today. Any election won by a Democrat by up to 18 points would be in play.

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