FDA Approves Use Of Expired COVID-19 Test


Photo: Getty Images

The FDA has approved Florida’s request to authorize the use of over a million COVID test kits which expired at year’s end. According to the manufacture of the tests, Abbott Diagnostics, the tests are viable for 15 months when stored at room temperature. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried attempted to make political hay out of the expired tests. Governor DeSantis responded by saying the state was asking for an extension to use the tests which it’s now received.

In other news, Florida reported 71,742 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday. This comes a day after Florida’s weekly trend declined for the first time in nearly six weeks. South Florida remains the epicenter of the spread in the state. Miami-Dade has the highest population-adjusted case count followed by Broward with Palm Beach County sixth.

As for COVID-19 hospitalizations, they ticked higher totaling 11,386 patients. That's an increase of about 250 on Wednesday. The total is the highest since September, however, reporting includes anyone hospitalized who has COVID and not those who are hospitalized due to the virus. Furthermore, COVID-19 attributed deaths rose by one yesterday, pacing 40 daily over the past week.

Lastly, the Florida Keys’ original 7-mile bridge completed by Henry Flager in 1912 is back online. After four and a half years and $44 million, the restoration of the “Old Seven Mile Bridge” is complete. The bridge will reopen for pedestrians and bicyclists to use.

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