South Florida Among Top Spots To Start A Business

I’m passionate about what I do, but I’ll always be an entrepreneur at heart, and truth be told there’s always been a little void where my business used to be. At whatever point my media career has run its course, I’ll doubtlessly return to those entrepreneurial roots. And the good news is for all who are interested in starting a business the best locations in the country are all around you.

According to Inc., the top metro to start a business in the country is the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach metro, with Miami, specifically being the best large city to start a business. How about smaller cities? Almost all of the top locations in the country are in Florida with most in South Florida. According to a new report from Verizon, seven of the top ten small cities to start a business are in Florida. Including, #10 Jupiter, #8 North Point, #7 Lauderhill, #6 Weston, #5 Delray Beach, #4 Daytona Beach, and #3 Doral.

The best large city for a new business is Miami and most of the best small cities are around the rest of the metro. That’s pretty exciting. This information from multiple sources paints a picture of just how fortunate we are to call South Florida home. We truly have the best of everything. 

Photo by: Getty Images