Florida News That Impacts South Floridians; Oct. 14th

Here are some of the biggest news from around the state that impacts you in South Florida. Nearly 1.8 million votes by mail have already been cast for November’s elections. Democrats have cast 384,000 more votes by mail than Republicans thus far. Michael Bloomberg continues to attempt to influence Florida politics. He has given the Miami-Dade Democratic party $500,000, the largest donation in its history. The money is aimed at getting out the vote. Bloomberg has pledged $100 million in spending in Florida to support Democrats. Plus, $17 million in contributions to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition are currently under investigation by state and federal authorities for potential acts of bribery.

In other news, the FPL has provided an update on its two-year undergrounding project called Storm Secure Underground Pilot Program. As part of the program, 53 miles of traditional powerlines have been successfully undergrounded. According to FPL, the undergrounding of lines has proven to improve reliability and are much less susceptible to service disruptions due to natural disasters. FPL currently has over 100 active undergrounding projects in process.

Lastly, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will provide virtual drivers licenses starting next year. The Digital licenses will be available to access through an app on mobile devices. The new digital licenses are said to be effective at combating identity theft and are harder to counterfeit.