More Proof Masks Are The Key To Stopping The Spread of COVID-19

Recently I brought you information regarding the most effectual study I’ve seen conducted during the pandemic. The study entitled: Universal Masking is Urgent in the COVID-19 Pandemic by the Population Research Institute found that when 80% of the population wears masks in public, meaningful progress is made in stopping the spread of the virus.

In fact, 80% of us wearing masks in public is more effective than any other policy, including lockdowns. Imagine if 100% of us wore them in closed public spaces. There’s now another study, this one out of Hong Kong, which further illustrates the effectiveness of masks. According to the study, using masks reduces the non-contact transmitting of COVID-19 by up to 85%. The study was conducted by Hong Kong University with the scientists instrumental in studying SARS during the 2003 outbreak. In the study’s tests, 66% of test subjects contracted the virus when it was presented in air being breathed. When a mask was effectively applied the rate dropped to only 15%.

Already medical facilities are adopting mandatory mask policies which will likely remain in force for the foreseeable. Based on all available research it’s smart to be proactive with the wearing of masks whether they’re mandated or not. Hopefully public officials will truly begin to pay attention to science, like this research, and will look towards mask polices over lockdowns going forward. #FactsNotFear

Photo by: Getty Images

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