Traditional News Media Is As Fake As Ever & Pete Buttigieg Is No Moderate

After hearing an intellectually insulting report yesterday referring to Pete Buttigieg as a “moderate” my BS meter flew off the charts. First, things first. The term “moderate” is itself conjecture. By definition, the assigning of that adjective to any candidate is not objective reporting. Yet, in the persistent state of the mainstream news media, they're circling the wagons around Mayor Pete after their efforts to prop up Biden failed faster than they could have ever imagined. A quick search of the use of the term “moderate” as a descriptor for Pete Buttigieg revealed the following fake news outlets which were peddling the BS narrative within the previous 24 hours. ABC, NBC, Reuters, Washington Post, and VOX.

The definition of the term moderate is 'average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree.' Now you tell me if you think these positions are the average views held by Americans.

  • Pro reparations
  • Eliminate all private charter schools
  • No student loan debt\ ”free” college
  • Abolish the Electoral College
  • Restoration of felon voting rights without financial restitution to victims
  • Personal and corporate carbon taxes 
  • Create a published national gun registry 
  • No limits on abortion
  • Higher personal and corporate taxes

Those are all defined positions of Pete Buttigieg. That’s what ABC, NBC, Reuters, Washington Post, and VOX currently define as moderate. Clearly, the mainstream media is once again counting on you being ignorant and/or stupid. Thankfully you’re not but it’s important to reject the false premise of these fake news organizations as they once again are hard at work to mislead you in the name of their own political agendas.


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Brian Mudd

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