Q&A – Why Several South Florida Substitute Teachers Earn More Than Others

Today’s entry: I am a retired teacher with over 30 years’ experience who makes $11.27 substituting in the Broward County School district. I do not know how you calculated the hourly rate to be higher. It is really a disgrace since I put the same energy and expertise into subbing as I did when I taught full time.

Bottom Line: This topic has continued to be one I regularly receive feedback and questions about. I’ve come to realize that the lack of attention on the issue of substitute teacher pay has left virtually all subs on an island by themselves. The near-annual debates about teacher pay generally exclude conversations about substitute teacher pay and under Florida law, the onus falls to each school district. 

The pay range subs in the tri-county area:

  • Broward:$11.27-$15.49 
  • Miami-Dade:$11.16-$17.46 
  • Palm Beach:$11.33-$16.91

The rate is based on various factors in each county. They include the level of completed education, experience, the complexity of the class/material being taught. That’s where your question comes into play. In the previous stories, I indicated that the median rate for Broward’s subs is $13.38. That’s what’s being called into question. 

In Broward there are four different substitute teacher pay schedules:

  • Regular Substitute Teachers:$11.27 per hour
  • Pool Substitute Teacher:$12.67 per hour
  • Interim Substitute Teacher:$27.21 per hour
  • Higher Rate Locations (Special needs teachers):$14.08 or $15.49 based on degree status

So, for example, if you’re a regular substitute teacher you earn $11.27 per hour regardless of education level or experience to your point. If you’re in any of the other roles it clearly differs. This is somewhat similar to what happens in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties as well. 

While Palm Beach County’s School District has been unresponsive to questions about addressing substitute teacher pay, Broward school board member Lori Alhadeff has taken up the issue and is reviewing for potential increases. She’d mentioned the topic hadn’t been addressed in several years based on her initial findings. I’ll keep you posted.

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