A Look At The Flu In Florida

No one wants the flu. The good news for Floridians is that according to the CDC’s flu tracker, there's a good chance you and those around you aren't sick. Based on the CDC’s latest information, the impact of influenza is currently “minimal” in Florida. The not-so-good news is we’re surrounded by states just to the north of us. 

Currently, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina all have “high” levels of influenza outbreaks. If you’re traveling to those states or just did. Be cautious. If you’re around others just returning or visiting from those states be cautious. The south-eastern US, aside from Florida, is the hardest-hit region for the flu thus far. It likely isn’t long before we begin to see it find its way to South Florida. 

It’s a reminder if you should be obtaining your flu shot to do so and for the rest of us, regardless of having had a flu shot or not to be clean and aware as well.

Photo by: GettyImages

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