2020 Florida Constitutional Amendment Series – What’s On The Ballots

As we head down the home stretch of 2019, the focus on 2020 becomes greater. While most of that attention is directed at federal politics, Florida’s state political picture will be in full swing by the time the calendar ushers in the new decade. This is in part due to the earliest start for Florida’s state session which will officially kick off January 14th. While several proposed constitutional amendments will be considered during the state session, most will likely emerge from the usual channels of outside interest groups. Two have already cleared all legal hurdles and will be on our 2020 ballots. 

Amendment 1: Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections

Current language: This amendment provides that only United States Citizens who are at least eighteen years of age, a permanent resident of Florida, and registered to vote, as provided by law, shall be qualified to vote in a Florida election.

Amendment 2: Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage

Current language: Raises the minimum wage to $10.00 per hour effective September 30th, 2021. Each September 30th thereafter, the minimum wage shall increase by $1.00 per hour until the minimum wage reaches $15.00 per hour on September 30th, 2026. From that point forward, future minimum wage increases shall revert to being adjusted annually for inflation starting September 30th, 2027.

It’s likely these two, which are somewhat refreshingly easy to understand, won’t be alone by Election Day 2020. Many others are in the pipeline. 

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