2020 Florida Constitutional Amendment Series - What’s Being Looked At

There are two proposed constitutional amendments that have already ensured they’ll be on our ballots in 2020. 

Amendment 1, Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections and Amendment 2, Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage. It’s likely we’ll see many more make our ballots before all is said and done, however. These are some currently closest to becoming eligible having cleared at least one major hurdle for possible inclusion. 

Additionally, there are thirteen others that haven’t cleared a major threshold yet and six that have been proposed in the upcoming state session. That’s a total of 27 in the works, six that are pacing towards possible inclusion and two that have made it. We’ve averaged about eight proposed constitutional amendments on ballots over the past ten cycles. Expect 2020 to produce at least that many. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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