Trump Approves Asylum Policy Changes

Today President Trump is seeking to enact new, more stringent asylum-seeking policies. To put it lightly, an overhaul to the system is desperately needed. We currently have more asylum seekers in the pipeline than we had at attempting asylum for the prior 15 years combined preceding 2018. It’s not a coincidence. It’s part of the coordinated effort to overwhelm our system that’s been led by open borders organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Illegal immigrants have been routinely organized in caravans and have been coached on what to say once they arrive at our border to attempt to gain access as an asylum seeker. This process has resulted in a backlog for asylum cases that had been pacing six to eight months. Now, over 800,000 people are in line and the backlog has reached a number that would take at least two years without anyone new entering it. This is also what led to the proliferation of minors at child detention centers like Homesteads. The federal law mandates that minors must be taken to separate facilities after 20 days.

The new rule, on back of the recent agreement reached with Mexico, states that no one is eligible for asylum at our southern border who entered Mexico from another country. Instead, asylum proceedings would take place in Mexico. This has the potential to make significant progress to curb the abuse in the system. According to DHS, over 90% of asylum seekers don’t show up for court dates for their asylum hearings and since December 21st of last year, 98.5% of those who’ve shown up for hearings have been determined to be illegitimate asylum seekers by judges. 

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Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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