Florida Eatery Serves The Best Waffles In The Entire State

Belgian waffles with blueberries and cup of coffee

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There's been an ongoing debate in the realm of breakfast: pancakes or waffles? While there's merit to both sides of the argument, some say waffles have an exciting texture and can hold more syrup and toppings. Waffles can also be a great pairing with other foods and faves, such as crispy fried chicken.

LoveFood has a perfect list for all the waffle lovers out there. The website rounded up the best waffle restaurant in every state based on reviews, accolades, and first-hand experiences.

According to writers, the best place serving waffles in Florida is Sylvia's Waffles! Here's why they're getting the spotlight:

"Sylvia’s Waffles claims to be the only place in Tampa Bay serving Belgian waffles that are actually made by a Belgian. There's a wide range of savory and sweet toppings available, ranging from fresh berries and whipped cream, to pulled pork and syrup. Find them at St. Pete's Saturday Morning Market (and be prepared to wait in line)."

The business' website says they're also open Sunday mornings at the Corey Avenue Market in St. Pete Beach. They'll be open through the end of May, rain or shine!

Visit lovefood.com for the continued list of every state's top waffles restaurant.

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