Family-Owned Shop Serves Florida's Best Milkshake

Strawberry milkshake

Photo: Better Bitez / 500px / Getty Images

Milkshakes can sure hit the spot on a hot summer's day. This cold, creamy beverage can come in different flavors and be topped with all kinds of goodies, from whipped cream and caramel drizzles to fruit and even other desserts. Even better are the various places serving milkshakes throughout the year, including fast food joints, independent shops, and longtime diners.

If you don't mind trying different shakes, Cheapism has a list for you. The website has a list of every state's most delicious milkshakes, ranging from "crazy shakes to traditional soda-fountain treats."

According to writers, Robert Is Here serves Florida's best milkshake! Here's why the fruit stand was chosen:

"Robert is Here is a family-owned fruit stand that has been going strong for years, even earning a spot on the National Food & Beverage Foundation Culinary Heritage Register. The fresh exotic fruits available here make for even more exotic milkshakes, including papaya, passion fruit, tamarind, guava, and the kiwi-like sapodilla."

You can find this fruit stand at 19200 SW 344th St. in Homestead.

Visit for the full list of every state's top milkshake.

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