Here's The Fastest-Growing City In Florida

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The United States is home to many unique and amazing places to live. From bustling cities to charming small towns, these locations offer affordable living, health care, safety, activities, local attractions, restaurants, and other attractive features. As a result, some places in the country are getting more residents than even some big-name cities over the last decade. Experts even have a name for these spots: boomtowns.

If you're interested in possibly moving to these boomtowns, GoBankingRates released a list of every state's fastest-growing cities, including suburbs, communities, and well-known destinations.

According to the study, Florida's top boomtown is Horizon West! This Orlando suburb has seen its population jump by 255.02% over the last eight years!

Here's how researchers determined every state's top boomtown:

"Boomtown. The word sounds like it’s describing an explosion — and in a way, it is. Boomtowns are considered the fastest-growing cities in America due to rapid business and population growth... GOBankingRates found one in every state by looking at the one-, five- and eight-year changes in population, occupied housing units and owner-occupied housing units of cities with a population of more than 25,000 but less than 500,000."

Curious about other thriving cities in the country? Visit for the full list.

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