Popular Breakfast Chain Named Florida's Best Pancake House

Close up of young woman sitting at dining table eating pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream in cafe, with English breakfast and french fries served on the dining table. Eating out lifestyle

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Many restaurants serve up fluffy, warm pancakes, but no one does them justice like pancake houses. Whether you like them soaking in syrup or topped with a bunch of ingredients, these griddle cakes tend to be the star of the menu. Plenty of people, however, also flock to these eateries for sandwiches, breakfast platters, and more mouthwatering dishes.

If you're craving a nice meal with a stack of pancakes, LoveFood picked out every state's best pancake house. The website had this to say about its sweet list: "The pancakes at these top-rated places, however, take things to new heights of deliciousness. We’ve scoured the US to find the best pancake house – or diner or café with a reputation for great griddlecakes or crêpes – in every state and DC."

Writers named Keke's Breakfast Cafe as Florida's top pancake house. Here's why:

"Keke's Breakfast Cafe has locations throughout Florida and, although they do serve lunch, it’s the morning favorites that keep people coming back for more. Pancakes are far from an afterthought here or something just to order on the side (although you can). There’s a whole menu of them, from classic buttermilk to Florida pancakes (pictured), topped with fresh berries, banana and powdered sugar, and they’re delicious."

Keke's has dozens of locations across Florida.

If you want to check out other states' best stack of pancakes, visit lovefood.com for the full list.

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