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Today’s entry: Brian, It is with much sadness I am writing you this evening. As a retired Special Agent with the U.S. Customs Service (and later merged into Homeland Security) I sat in front of my TV in disbelief about the news of the search warrant executed on the residence of former President Trump. I find it unlikely there is any new information that precipitated a warrant at this time, as it was likely a timing issue. Trump is riding high, his endorsed candidates did well in their respective primary’s, he had a boost from CPAC, but the Democrats would like nothing better than distract the country on what legislation Congress is going to pass (House of Representatives) this week. The less scrutiny of the Inflation Reduction Act the better. 

I doubt the FBI agent did any better on the affidavit for this warrant than the agent or agents did on the previous FISA warrants. Those were based on unproven allegations and outright lies as the FBIs own internal investigation discovered. The “FISA” judge signed them. The disturbing part is the people responsible for the illegal surveillance of Trump have never been held accountable nor has the U.S. Supreme Court (Chief Justice Roberts) who directly oversees the FISA Court, has done nothing as well. 

The old adage “You can indict a ham sandwich”, is about to come true. Trump will likely be indicted, much to the glee of the Democrats, the left and the news media. What those people fail to realize is, if this can happen to a former POTUS because they do not like him and in fact fear him, imagine what “they” can do to you if you say something “they” do not like. 

I am embarrassed that I was once a member of Federal law enforcement. 

Bottom Line: Well, I’ll start by saying thank you for your service, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by your association with it. One of my greatest concerns is if our country reaches a point where good people no longer want to be in law enforcement – at all levels. Given the legitimate concerns you’ve expressed – it’s as important as ever to have well intended people enter the law enforcement profession. Your note in particular stood out to me because it’s exactly what came to mind when I first heard of this raid. This is what happens when there’s not accountability for the actors which colluded to peddle the fraudulent Steel Dosier used to create the bogus Trump-Russia collusion narrative, investigation and impeachment. As has been said by many, including our former president, that attempting to take out political adversaries is the stuff of third world countries. In the case of leadership within the Justice Department, it’s personal for many of them. In attempting to understand why this raid and ongoing investigation into, what we’re being told is related to the absconding with classified materials to Mar-a-Lago, is happening - it’s helpful to understand what the specific motivations may be above and beyond the obvious.  

As always there are two sides to stories and one side to facts. And if the premise of anything is false, anything built upon that false premise is as well. The premise of the DOJ/FBI hostility towards Trump happened well before Monday’s raid. To understand the premise of all of this, it’s important to go back to where it started – in 2016. 

The known facts: 

  • The Steel Dosier was the basis for the Trump-Russia collusion narrative & investigation 
  • The Steel Dosier was bogus 
  • The FBI/DOJ colluded with the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign to peddle that dossier before the FISA court to surveil Trump and his team during his campaign and the early months of his presidency 
  • Special Prosecutor John Durham is still investigating the actors involved with the fraudulent scheme 

This is where it’s useful to revisit the story I broke nationally on February the 2nd of 2018, in coordination with the Nunes-led House investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy, in what I called the 30 statements of fact, or my 30 Count Indictment. These are all of the actors in which there is hard proof, typically via having signed off on FISA warrant requests, vouching for the fraudulent dossier: 


  • James Comey 
  • Andrew McCabe 


  • Sally Yates 
  • Dana Boneta 
  • Rod Rosenstein 
  • Bruce Ohr 

Now, there were other actors involved but those six literally signed their names on the fraud peddled to the FISA court. Hard evidence of fraud at the highest levels of these agencies. Zero accountability for any of them to date. And it’s entirely unclear just how pervasive the abuses went within these agencies. Now, ideally there would be accountability brought about for those who were responsible for the Russia-collusion hoax via Durham’s investigation. But then again, while he’s still active, he himself is working under AG Merrick Garland at this point. Skepticism is warranted. There’s no doubt the greater threat to rogue actors is Trump finishing what he started with his effort to “drain the swamp”. So, with the premise established let’s talk about what’s happened here for a moment.  

We’re to forget the gross misfeasance by these agencies against Trump, in what was the most pervasive conspiracy in American history and take this raid at face value. It’s supposed to be about alleged classified material. Here’s the thing. And it’s a considerable thing. The President of the United States has the authority to declassify anything, they choose to declassify. Therefore, it's an oxymoron to suggest the President of the United States possessed classified material. At best we’re getting into procedural arguments about the process of declassification. Let’s get real. Trump’s been raided by the DOJ/FBI since 2016. Mar-a-Lago is just the most visible example of it. I’ve made the suggestion I’m about to make many times previously, but it’s as clear as can be today. Given the extent to which bad actors within our federal government have gone and seemingly continue to go to keep Trump out of office, it’s illustrative of how important it is that he finishes what he started.  

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