Fisherman Reels In Body That's Been In Florida Lake For Days

Fishing on the lake at sunset. Fishing background

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida fisherman who was hoping for a big catch ended up with a horrifying discovery earlier this week.

WTSP reported that two young men were fishing in Lake Stella Monday afternoon (January 24) near downtown Auburndale in Florida. One of the fishermen felt like they "hooked something heavy" and started reeling it in. Instead of a fish, it turned out to be a dead body, according to reporters.

One of the men called his father, who confirmed it was a body, and called 911, Auburndale Police says. Officers identified the victim as a local man who recently returned to the area. Officials added that the body appeared to be in the water for a day or two.

"There were no obvious signs of trauma, though this is a medical examiner case," the police department said in an update. "An autopsy is pending." Investigators say it could take the autopsy several days to complete.

Newsweek says police haven't been able to contact the family of the victim and are still trying to reach out as of Tuesday (January 25). Until the next of kin has been contacted, authorities will not release the name of the victim.

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