'Florida's Closed': Twitter Reacts To Rare Freezing Temperatures In State

Photo: Getty Images

If you know Florida, you know that it's popular across the world for its stellar beaches, bright sunshine, and year-round warm weather. Unfortunately, that wasn't the reality for residents over the weekend and Monday (January 24), and some South Florida areas had to deal with chilly temperatures for the first time in two years.

"Miami's low temperature of 46 degrees was its lowest since January 22, 2020, while Fort Lauderdale's 45 degrees was its lowest temperature since February 4, 2021," according to NBC 6. "After widespread 40s to start the day, we will push into the mid-60s Monday afternoon."

When weather anomalies strike, people love to flood Twitter and social media with hilarious takes on this super rare weather event.

"Sorry folks. Florida's closed. We're trying to just survive this morning with these cold temperatures!" meteorologist Zack Covey tweeted with a picture showing the cold temps along the western Florida coast.

"Am I back in New Jersey? It’s 48 degrees and a Frost Advisory in Florida!! I got rid of all my winter clothes when we moved," one regretful Twitter user said. Some lamented over the frost caking their vehicles and windshields, while others shared solidarity with frozen iguanas and sheltering lizards.

Meanwhile, Americans who are used to chilly temps and snow, say it could be much worse for the Sunshine State.

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