Florida News That Impact You – November 30th, 2021

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds News Conference In Surfside

Photo: Getty Images

Florida continues to have the fewest population-adjusted COVID-19 cases in the country. After reporting just 1,123 new cases on Monday, Florida’s weekly trend for daily cases has fallen below 1,300. Furthermore, overall COVID-19 hospitalizations have fallen to the lowest levels of the year. Entering today 1,228 Floridians were hospitalized with the virus with only 239 in ICUs. 

In other news, Florida’s House released its first drafts of proposed new Congressional maps after Florida’s Senate recently produced several drafts of their own. One of the maps closely mirrors most of the Senate maps, which largely leave existing Congressional districts intact while creating a new district west of Orlando. One map is drawing the most attention as it would overhaul two central Florida congressional districts currently held by Democrats. The state legislature will vote on Florida’s new congressional map in the upcoming state session which begins in January. The new map will be in force for next year’s midterm elections. 

Governor DeSantis has proposed pay raises for Florida’s law enforcement officers. Similar to the previous plan to raise teacher pay in Florida, the bulk of the increases would be aimed at meaningfully increasing base pay. Under the plan, FDLE and FWC officers would see starting salaries rise by 20 percent with veterans able to see increases of up to 25%. The plan also would provide $1,000 bonuses for all first responders in Florida. 

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