Migrants With COVID-19 Crossing Southern Border


Photo: Getty Images

How many border crossers that have been granted entry into this country do you think have had COVID-19 this year? The answer is surprising, 425,000. We’ve allowed that many new cases of COVID-19 to come across our southern border, and those are just the ones we’ve known about.

Yesterday in my conversation with Mark Morgan, the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection under President Trump, he said his sources have indicated approximately a quarter of all migrants allowed to cross our southern border this year have had COVID-19. Given that over 1.7 million known migrants have come across our southern border this year we have approximately 425,000 COVID-19 positive migrants who’ve been allowed to enter the United States.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of impact. The number of persons infected by the average person who’s contracted COVID-19 since the onset of the variants is 6.5. Many have wondered how much of the summer surge of COVID-19 cases could be attributable to migrants crossing Biden’s open border. The answer is a lot. Using Morgan’s data with the current R0 infection rate, an estimated 2,762,500 cases of COVID-19 in the United States can be attributed to migrants under Biden’s reckless border policy. 

For perspective, there are only three states in the country that have had that many total cases since the onset of the pandemic. The president who vowed to bring an end to the pandemic has used your tax dollars to infect millions of Americans with COVID-19. And it’s still happening every minute of every day.

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