iHeartMedia CEOs You Should Know - Featuring Amanda Goetz of House of Wise

Photo: House of Wise

Amanda Goetz is the Founder & CEO of House of Wise, the CBD and personal wellness brand empowering women to give the more purposeful intention of their routines so they can take control of their lives.

After realizing the potential of CBD in her own life, Amanda made it her mission to source, develop and provide products to other women that were reliable, trusted, and high-quality. Simultaneously, Amanda is focused on being a leader and advocate to break down the stigmas surrounding CBD. Through community and high-quality CBD products, Amanda and House of Wise are empowering women to control their sleep, stress, strength, sex, and wealth.

Amanda has more than 15 years of experience building brands that inspire, empower and serve women. She is a leader and advocates breaking down stigmas and stereotypes surrounding CBD, cannabis, and the role of women in our society today.

Connect with Amanda on Twitter (@AmandaMGoetz) and Instagram (@goetzam) to follow along on her founder journey building the CBD brand making a huge impact on the lives of women everywhere.

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