Florida Man To Use $1 Million Lottery Winnings For New Toothbrush

Brushing teeth can be fun

Photo: Getty Images

When people win the lottery, they usually buy a new car, look for a new house or even go on an extravagant vacation. One Florida man has different plans, according to WFLA.

Brian Nelson, of Leesburg, won $1 million from a new scratch-off game called "GOLD RUSH LIMITED." The 26-year-old took a trip to Tallahassee to claim his winnings. His fiancée of one month, Emily Pelton, was also at his side.

“You won’t believe what he’s most excited about buying with his winnings,” Pelton told the Lottery. That's when Nelson revealed his plans:

"I’m just looking forward to upgrading to an electric toothbrush and splurging on a good pair of flip flops."

He didn't say what he would do with the rest of the money, but at least he's thinking about his hygiene!

Reporters say Nelson bought the winning ticket from the Quik Mart at 11100 California Street in Leesburg. The store will get a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky scratch-off.

Congrats, Brian!

The Leesburg man isn't the only one getting lucky lately. A North Carolina man hit the jackpot just days after getting married. One Massachusetts woman came up with a great way to spend her lottery winnings.

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