One Of 'The Most Haunted Places' In The U.S. Is In Florida

Spooky Myrtles Plantation at night

Photo: Getty Images

It's the middle of October, and the scariest time of the season is coming up. That means haunted houses and attractions to get in the Halloween mood, but nothing can beat the real thing.

Conde Nast Traveler went coast to coast to find the most creepy places in the country. Nearly three dozen chilling locations made the list, including mansions, abandoned asylums, and even a city zoo. If you don't like ghosts, the fascinating history of these places will rope you in.

One haunting location in Florida was also featured: The St. Augustine Lighthouse!

Here's the backstory of this historic landmark:

"The St. Augustine Lighthouse is visited by nearly 225,000 people annually, but it is just as well-known for its otherworldly visitors. Several tragic events occurred at the now-historic site that have contributed to the alleged paranormal activity. One of the first was when the lighthouse keeper fell to his death while painting the tower; his ghost has since been spotted watching over the grounds. Another event was the horrific death of three young girls, who drowned when the cart they were playing in broke and fell into the ocean. Today, visitors claim to hear the sounds of children playing in and around the lighthouse."

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