South Florida’s School Boards Are “Battle Grounds”

Broward Schools

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Summers have historically been a time for a change. It’s my hope this one is no exception. The left’s indoctrinating of generations of kids has been going on since the incarnation of the Department of Education in 1980. For years I’d warned, shared concerns, occasionally heard from parents and teachers who agreed but nothing changed. That included the often-pitiful turnout for school board meetings which were similarly reflected in voter turnout in school board races. It was always odd to me that so few parents seemed to care about those who made the decisions regarding what did and didn’t happen inside of classrooms, and those who controlled the largest share of their property tax money. But now that’s changed. 

Emboldened by last year’s adaptation of the Black Lives Matter movement by many in society, and elections outcomes last fall placing Democrats in control of the federal government, the teachers and their unions exposed themselves for whom they are. So have many of our school boards. Whether it was Palm Beach County incorporating Critical Race Theory into the County’s mission statement or Broward’s incompetence reaching spectacular new heights highlighted by three high-profile arrests, they’ve made themselves known or they’ve been fully exposed for who they are. And thankfully now many have noticed.

So, here’s the thing the most important thing. School boards have to change, or this country as founded will change and sooner than later. The real battle with school boards isn’t about striking “white privilege” from a mission statement or even over a mask mandate. It’s about everything that is and isn’t being taught in the classroom. And that starts with these school boards, and it ends with the teachers and their anti-American unions. This needs to be the summer of change which leads to these school boards being turned over with every subsequent election opportunity and every public-school teacher, 78% of which are members of a teachers union connected to the American Federation of Teachers, is held accountable for what happens in the classroom. 

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