Florida News That Impact You – July 30th, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis Holds News Conference In Surfside, Florida

Photo: Getty Images North America

Based on CDC data, Florida totaled 17,589 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, that's higher than any day last summer and one of the five highest days for new cases during the pandemic. Florida’s weekly trend for daily cases is now 14,200, the highest since January 14th.

Admissions to Florida’s hospitals for COVID-19 have reached peak levels during the pandemic. This is based on real-time admission data from hospitals across the state. Hospitals have consistently said the majority of hospitalizations are those who’ve not been vaccinated. COVID-19 related deaths have risen from a weekly average of 22 per day on July 9th to 47 daily through Wednesday.

The “COVID Slide” was evident in standardized testing scores in Florida. According to Florida’s Department of Education, standardized testing scores were lower across the board when compared to results from 2019, as standardized testing didn’t occur in 2020. Declines ranged from an average of 3% to 10% based on grade and subject material. 

There are officially more job openings in Florida than those seeking employment based on the latest report from the Florida Chamber of Commerce. 528,000 job openings are currently posted statewide with 523,000 Floridians currently seeking work.

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