Florida News That Impact You – July 28th, 2021

Two Day Mini Lobster Harvest Begins In Miami

Photo: Getty Images North America

On Tuesday night, Governor DeSantis said the CDC’s mask policy reversal is a result of federal agencies choosing Political Science as opposed to actual science. He cited the lax border policy where COVID-19 positive cases have increased by 900% in July along with agencies remaining quiet during last year’s BLM-led protests but frequently being critical of events this year. He also reiterated his opposition to mandatory mask policies for Florida’s schools. That contrasts with the CDC’s newly issued guidance calling for all K-12 students to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

Speaking of the CDC’s guidance, all of Florida’s 67 counties meet the threshold for COVID-19 spread which would suggest masks be worn indoors around others based on the reissued guidance, regardless of one’s vaccination status.

After a 19% decline in 2020, the Florida Ports Council issued new guidance that trade in Florida’s ports will have a near-full recovery by the end of this year. The increase is being driven by consumer demand for goods being brought into Florida’s ports. Last year’s decline cost Florida’s economy $23 billion and negatively impacted 169,000 jobs. The recovery is especially notable given the cruise industry is far from being back to full strength.

Florida’s two-day lobster mini-season is underway, through midnight Thursday. This year’s season includes a 12-lobster limit statewide with the exception of Monroe County and Biscayne National Park where the limit is six. Lobsters must be adults and those with eggs must be placed back in the water. 

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