Florida News That Impact You – July 26th, 2021

Rapid Covid Test-Eblast

Photo: Getty Images

Florida reported its highest daily total of new COVID-19 cases on Saturday with 14,258. Total COVID-19 cases were over 1,700 higher than on the same day last year. Also, Florida’s weekly trend of cases has risen back above 10,000 per day which is in line with where we were last year during the same week. Furthermore, COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen to their highest level since February with 3,849 Floridians hospitalized with the virus.

In related news, Florida is 25th in vaccination rate with just over 50% of all Floridians having been fully vaccinated with nearly 59% who’ve received at least a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. There’s still no vaccine for those under 12 who’re experiencing the fastest rise in new COVID-19 cases. 

A lawsuit has been filed in Broward County attempting to restore the extended federal unemployment benefits in Florida. Florida, along with 25 other states, have ended the $300 weekly extended federal benefits as states have attempted to lure unemployed workers back into the workforce. Labor shortages have been widespread across Florida. If the suit is successful, it’d restore benefits to all Floridians on unemployment. 

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