Haitian Americans To Memorialize Haiti's President Tonight

South Florida's Haitian American community will be coming together tonight to remember the island nation's assassinated president.

The Peace Vigil Memorial begins at 7:00 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center.

"We really want to give an opportunity to those Haitian Americans that are living here in South Florida a chance to just come together and grieve the loss of their head of state," says Cultural Complex Manager Sandy Dorsainvil.

Along with speakers, there will be musical performances paying tribute to Haiti and President Jovenel Moise.

She adds, "no matter what anyone's political views were or opinions were of the late President of Haiti, he was still the head of state of a sovereign country."

She admits the uprising in Cuba has overshadowed what's happening in Haiti, and her community sympathizes with them. "We've experienced what they're experiencing now, and now it's gone to that next catastrophic level where our president was actually assassinated and our system of government is in shambles in Haiti."

Moise was gunned down last week in his Port-au-Prince presidential residence. The First Lady was also injured in the attack. She is recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

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