Florida News That Impact You – July 12th, 2021

Street with Cuban flag in Havana, Cuba

Photo: Getty Images

Florida’s weekly average of new COVID-19 cases has reached two-month highs as Florida averaged 3,064 cases based on the state’s weekly update. Also of concern was a spike in new cases through the end of last week. Saturday’s 5,790 new cases are the highest daily total since April 24th.

In other news, numerous elected Florida officials have expressed their support for the widespread Cuban protests for freedom on Sunday. This included a joint statement released by South Florida Congressional Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos Gimenez, and Maria Elvira-Salazar stating: Now more than ever, the United States and the international community must support the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom. The humanitarian crisis Cuba faces right now is yet another symptom of the incompetence and absolute cruelty of the Cuban tyranny. We know what freedom means for the Cuban people, and now, while the regime uses savage violence against the people peacefully demonstrating in the streets, the world has the obligation to stand with the brave Cuban people. In response to the protests, Cuba’s president and head of the Communist party threatened bloodshed and cut off access to the internet. There was no response by the Biden administration as of Monday morning.

As the recovery effort continued in Surfside on Sunday the death toll rose to 90. The better news through the weekend was a steep decline, beyond those recovered, in the number of those potentially unaccounted for in the condo collapse, which currently stands at 31. 

Finally, Florida’s Python Challenge is in full swing. However, other news released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission over the weekend was troubling regarding Florida’s manatees. According to FWC, through July 2nd more manatees had already died than in any prior year in Florida’s recorded history. So far, 841 manatee deaths have been documented this year. The previous record was 830 in 2013. Starvation is the leading cause of death. 

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