Q&A Of The Day – Florida Teachers Who Have Signed The Pledge To Teach CRT


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Q&A Of The Day – Florida Teachers Who’ve Signed The Pledge To Teach CRT

Today’s entry: Hey Brian, I know you’ve been all over the CRT push by the teacher’s unions. Do you know a way to find out what teachers signed the pledge to teach CRTdespite Florida’s law?

Bottom Line: Yes, I do, and in fact I’ve pulled the names and locations of every teacher in Florida who signed the CRT pledge. I intend to name names but first let’s discuss what this is all about. On June 21st, the pro-Critical Race Theory website The Zinn Education Project, launched an online CRT pledge for teachers. The pledge was/is entitled: Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It. The pledge specifically states this: We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events – regardless of the law. Walking past their altered sense of history and reality for a moment, every teacher who signed this pledge not only stated they’ll teach critical race theory, but that they’ll break the law as necessary to do it. 

Now, on back of the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers endorsing critical race theory and extolling its virtues to its members, going so far as to warn concerned parents that they – the teacher's unions, not parents control what kids will learn. That should be a chilling reminder about the level of indignance and sense of control teachers' unions feel they have in this country. And indeed, 78% of Florida’s public-school teachers are members of one of these unions. Even in our state, the radical national teachers' unions are firmly rooted in driving the educational agenda. It’s under this pretense that activist teachers must feel emboldened to expressly state they will break Florida law and indoctrinate your kids in the form of a pledge. 

As of Wednesday,5,068 teachers had singed the Zinn Project pledge. I went through the hundreds of pages of signatures and identified 69 teachers in the state of Florida who’d singed the pledge. In a separate story today, I’ll name all of the names and locations of these unlawfully pledged alleged educators. In the meantime, what’s important is that we all begin to wake up as to what’s happening in our classrooms. For far too long there’s been a narrative that teachers are ubiquitously wonderful people who work hard and are underpaid and underappreciated. Well, the fact of the matter is that the average public-school teacher earns $5,000 more per year than the average full-time employed Floridian, while working 60 fewer days per year and 78% of them contribute dues to the teachers' unions working to undermine education in our country. 

It’s time to face reality and it’s not a comfortable one. Again, great teachers are worth every dime and then some, but the harsh reality is most public-school teachers choose to be part of the problem. It’s why it’s critical that as parents and concerned citizens we engage and do what’s necessary to take back our schools and our children’s education from the teacher’s unions who’ve stated they control it. What Governor DeSantis and the state board of education did to ban CRT was a starting point. Now it’s time for us to do our part or choose to lose our country to the radicals who happen to be the “educators”. 

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