Florida News That Impact You – June 29th, 2021

Hundreds Missing After Residential Building In Miami Area Partially Collapses

Photo: Getty Images North America

As the search and rescue effort enters its sixth day in Surfside, more details are emerging regarding unaddressed issues at the building. Following a 2018 building report that revealed numerous issues, including cracks and a “major structural issue”, an April 9th, HOA board letter said the concrete deterioration of the building was accelerating. Association President Jean Wodnicki said the building was in desperate need of repairs. Wodnicki said, "A lot of this work could have been done or planned for in years gone by. But this is where we are now". Eleven people have now been confirmed to have been killed in the collapse with 150 still unaccounted for. 

California has banned state-funded travel to Florida and becomes the 17th state added to California’s, banned list, over policy they consider to be anti-LGBTQ+. Florida was added based on the new law using one’s biological gender to determine whether one plays sports as a boy or a girl.

Following Friday’s government UFO disclosure which revealed 143 investigated UFO sightings were “unidentified aerial phenomena”, the National UFO Reporting Center has identified Florida as the 2nd most likely state to witness a UFO. In 46 years, 7,398 unexplained UFO sightings have occurred in Florida.

As Florida gets ready for the 2021 Python Challenge, which kicks off July 9th, a state study has shows over 20,000 pounds of Burmese pythons have been removed since the state began sanctioned hunts in 2013.

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