Top Three Takeaway – June 18th, 2021

President Biden Signs Juneteenth National Independence Day Act Into Law

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Top Three Takeaways – June 18th, 2021

  1. Juneteenth. It’s appropriate that at the very time in which we’re having major battles being fought over the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools, real racial history - June 19th, 1865, has been recognized as a federal holiday. The story of Juneteenth is a worthy one for all Americans to know. A story of how the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all Blacks from slavery was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, however the Civil War would have to be fought for nearly another three years before a single Black person would be freed. A story about how even after the Confederacy surrendered to the Union on April 9th 1865, it wasn’t until June19th, over 70 days later, that all Blacks were freed when a military order was received in Galveston Texas. Real history teaches us that freedom isn’t free. 110,100 Union soldiers had to die fighting the Confederacy to free the slaves, else President Lincoln’s Proclamation wouldn’t have mattered. History teaches us that even when the war is won the truth must still be told or else freedom can still be taken away. History teaches us that we’re a country of heroes who’ve fought and died and been relentless in the desire to right wrongs. Nothing about the history of Juneteenth is congruent with the lies of critical race theory. It is not possible to recognize Juneteenth while asserting that the United States of America is systemically racist. The term systemic means “applying to the entirety of a thing”. The Confederacy was systemically racist. The Union, the United States, literally defeated it in this country. That’s real American history. Those pushing critical race theory today are the Confederates of our time. They must be defeated. The battlefield is the classroom. 
  2. It’s not a pumpkin. On Thursday a reporter, to their credit, asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she believes an unborn baby at 15 weeks is a human being. She didn’t answersaying insteadLet me just say that I am a big supporter of Roe v. Wade. I am a mother of five children in six years. I think I have some standing on this issue as to respecting a woman's right to choose. In that case, how gracious of her to choose to let her five humans live. Anyway, the most important case sitting before the United States Supreme Court is what this is about. Mississippi’s law banning abortions after 15 weeks. For the life of me, which my mom was gracious enough to spare, I can’t imagine how we can error on the side of killing babies over life. If that makes you uncomfortable to hear – it should. It’s awful, but it’s real. I pray the Supreme Court errors on the side of life. As for Nancy, since you’ve had five of them you should know that it’s not a pumpkin.
  3. Happy Father’s Day. I love you dad. Thanks for hanging in for another year. And for all father’s, may God bless you this Father's Day. The job isn’t getting easier but it’s as important as ever.

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