Protecting The Palm Beaches, A Tribute To All Fallen Police Officers

Photo: Boston Globe via Getty Images

Protecting The Palm Beaches, A Tribute To Fallen Police Officers 

Bottom Line: This weekly feature is designed to recognize those who've paid the ultimate price in service and to serve as a reminder of what our police risk to keep us safe. Here are the harsh realities regarding the rise risk in society for law enforcement.

  • 307 LOD’s in 2020, including 16 in Florida
  • 151in 2021 including 11 in Florida

Last year was the deadliest for law enforcement since 1932. We’re in an especially dangerous moment in our country’s history due to the effort of political operatives to politicize law enforcement. Officer involved shooting deaths are 35% below average, however line-of-duty deaths have reached record levels. The facts simply don’t meet the anti-police narrative. We’ve lost these heroes since the previous update.

In Washington, Officer Alexandra Harris died while assisting motorists who were involved in an accident. The person responsible for the accident stole her vehicle and fled the scene rather than attempting to assist with her injuries. In Georgia, Officer Joseph Burson was murdered while conducting a traffic stop. 

  • The average age of the fallen, 48. The average tour of duty, 17years.

As we reflect on those we’ve lost, please remember the families of our fallen as well. In addition to losing 151law enforcement professionals in the line of duty this year, there are 74 widows and 170 children who’ve lost a parent. Line of duty deaths are 2% higher than last year’s historically high levels. 

Remember to back the badge and spread the word. Media often aren't there for our law enforcement, but we can be. Let our police, and their families, know we support them every chance you get. They need it, now more than ever, just as we need them more than ever.

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