How Many People Have Contracted Myocarditis After Their Covid-19 Vaccine?

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How Many People Have Contracted Myocarditis After A Covid-19 Vaccine?

Bottom Line: Yesterday I received a concerned note from a listener with a link to an article from ex-New York Times reporter Alex Berenson. The article depicts cases of apparent myocarditis potentially induced by Covid-19 vaccines. The rise in concern over the vaccine recently, specifically among those under the age of 30, has caught the attention of the CDC as well. To their credit, they’re beingtransparent with their findings. Through last Wednesday here’s what the CDC has reported: 

  • 623 reported/investigated cases of potential myocarditis among those 30 and younger
  • 268 confirmed cases of myocarditis

The CDC is still attempting to determine cause and effect of these cases to the Covid-19 vaccine and it appears as though the cases pertain to those under the age of 25. To date 19,803,905 Americans under the age of 25 have received at least a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. This isn’t meant to minimize the impact to those potentially impacted, however the rate of impact is 0.00001% of those who’ve been vaccinated thus far. A rate so low that clearly experts think the risk remains higher with contracting the virus than obtaining the vaccine. To date 2,681 people under the age of 30 have died due to Covid-19 – 146 of which have been in Florida. 

ACIP meeting today: will get updated data on myocarditis and committee will engage in a discussion about risk/benefits for adolescents.
This discussion is vital and we should thank committee members for doing so publicly. Will tweet thoughts here later.
— Walid Gellad, MD MPH (@walidgellad)June 17, 2021

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