Top Three Takeaway – June 15th, 2021

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Top Three Takeaways –June 15th, 2021

  1. Signing and suing.It’s become a near daily ritual. Governor DeSantis signs a new law or two and interest groups sue over a law or two. On the same day DeSantis signed Florida’s newlawmandating a moment of silence at the start of each school day at Shul in Surfside saying,The idea that you can just push God out of every institution and be successful, I’m sorry our founding fathers did not do that...a new lawsuit was announced challenging Florida’s election integrity law. Thisonebrought by the Harriet Tubman Freedom Fighters Corp as they said:Florida Senate Bill 90 is just the latest attempt by the politicians in Tallahassee to entrench their power by making it more and more difficult for people to vote. Registering to vote is the first critical step in having one’s voice heard and this law creates serious obstacles to people trying to do just that. Harriet Tubman Freedom Fighters, along with our partners across the state, will continue to challenge this unconstitutional law and stand up for the voting rights of all Floridians.Now, I could get into how Florida’s new law isn’t even one of the top ten most restrictive. I could point out Mississippi, the most restrictive, requires voter ID, no online voter registration, no early voting and no none excuse absentee voting. I could ask why it is that those who want to sue over Florida’s new law haven’t sued Mississippi to try to overturn theirs. I could point out the continued absurdity of the notion that politicians, who require votes to win elections are really trying to prevent people from voting. Or we could have the more honest conversations that are the most...
  2. Revealing. If we cut the BS, is the argument really that Republicans are apparently smarter than Democrats? I mean at least to the point to where they can figure out how to legally vote without a non-relative collecting their vote from them or without an unattended dropbox? The people who claim to represent potential “victims” in Florida are really perpetrators of the bigotry of low expectations at best or the desire for maximum voter fraud at worst. If you need a random stranger to collect a ballot from you to have your vote counted, you have bigger problems that any state’s voter law and rest assured you don’t want to move to Mississippi or President Biden’s home state of Delaware where that’s not legal either. That’s because what this is really about is revealing. It’s revealing what happens when states like ours begin to cut off options which can easily be used for fraud and it’s revealing what interest groups like the Harriet Tubman Freedom Fighters and the Southern Poverty Law Center really think of voters. 
  3. Reality Check.We’ll soon see who the extremists are in Florida. Are they the national news media and the endless congregations of liberal interest groups seemingly suing every new law Florida enacts? Is it the CDC and their “No Sail” order? From Florida’s so called “Anti-Riot” law, to the big tech censorship ban, to the transgender sports ban, to the Seminole Compact with sports gaming and our election integrity law – there's going to be a serious reality check in Florida and the extremists will be revealed by what does or doesn’t happen in all of these cases .I’ll be keeping score.

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