Q&A – Is Gov. DeSantis Using CRT And Gender ID For 2024 Ambitions?

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Today’s entry: My current concern, I’d like for you to address, is whether Governor DeSantis is pressing policy in Florida specifically for the purpose of scoring national political points. Even if I agree with certain policy ideas, like the banning of CRT or banning transgender sports participation in schools, is the policy really needed, or is it more about scoring political points to boost his 2024 profile? I don’t like the idea of passing laws and setting standards specific to Florida for national attention and ambitions. 

Bottom Line: Recently I mentioned Governor DeSantis’s greatest 2022 weakness is what you just mentioned. The perception he’d jump ship in the middle of his second term to become President of the United States. Before officially running for governor, Nikki Fried repeatedly made mention of this.

Most recently, in advance of today’s Florida Board of Education ruling on the proposed CRT ban, this same tactic has been used by Democrats. The suggestion that Florida policy and laws are really just being used by DeSantis to gain national headlines to set up his perceived 2024 run. Speaking purely in a political sense, this doesn’t appear to be working. The most recent polling on Florida’s Governor’s race shows DeSantis expanding his lead over prior polling, with a 10-point advantage over Charlie Crist and a 12-point edge over Nikki Fried. 

When it comes to public policy, I care about the policy itself. We elect public officials to represent our interests. Too many in my view get caught up in nonsense that has nothing to do with public policy or our interests. We’re all flawed, we all have our shortcomings. I’d much rather have a good policy with someone who’s rough around the edges than someone who fails at policy but hides their flaws well. 

The argument you referenced, and the left has articulated, is that these are policies in search of a problem. That critical race theory isn’t part of the curriculum so it’s a non-issue anyway and that there hasn’t been an issue in Florida with boys unfairly competing with girls. Real leadership, the most effective form of leadership, is identifying potential problems and addressing them before you have major issues on your hands. The anthesis is managing to a crisis. Those who chose to say an issue isn’t a problem, rather than engaging on the merits of the issue itself, are espousing a perspective endemic of managing to a crisis. 

Preventing problems is better than reacting to them. In the case of critical race theory whole states, like California, have adopted it. So have countless cities across the country. The Florida Education Association is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. The second-largest teacher’s union in the country. The union introducing CRT in California’s schools, keeping schools locked down all year, and guiding the CDC on how to shape their guidance to fit their agenda. The FEA is using the same tactics here. 

Now, back to the original question. Even if you think Governor DeSantis is opposed to critical race theory due to national political ambitions, it doesn’t matter. It’s a good policy. sam goes for the mandate about the use of biological birth as opposed to gender identity. 

It’s biological fact that the average male is physiologically superior to the average female. According to a U.S Air Force study, that remains true even after years of hormone treatments. A separate study affirmed those findings, with full conversion resulting in a maximum decline in the physical advantage of only 10%. Meaning that under any circumstance, at least 90% of the natural advantage of having been born male exists. The point is this. There are clear medical and scientific reasons why one’s biological gender at birth should determine the gender one competes in athletically. Thus, the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” is sound public policy.

What it comes down to is this. While some might say that Governor DeSantis is attempting to set policy in Florida for the purpose of advancing his political career. The fact of the matter is it’s the success of his policy in Florida that’s provided for the path for him to advance his political career. DeSantis has a consistent track record of outstanding policy that’s served Florida well and in turn, has created a national profile. It doesn’t work the other way around and that’s the inconvenient truth that’s left Democrats scrambling and DeSantis’s prospects rising.

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